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Are you in need of a little THC — Technology Health Consulting?

The IT4cannabis team has been planting the seeds of cybersecurity best practices with our security first IT, cloud services, and data storage solutions since 1999. We act as a trusted advisor, offering advice and support through the more intricate aspects of the technology that will ultimately run your company.

IT4cannabis can provide you with a trained team of experts to ensure that all your questions are answered and needs are met. Our goal is to avoid issues and have 'secure' be your status quo. We understand small business, and how difficult it can be to get the right solutions. Our fixed fee managed services packages relieve the stress and anxiety of the financial unknown while providing superior support.

Our Story

The team behind IT4cannabis has been providing security-first IT services for over 20 years. We have served clients in a wide range of industries and with a vast array of compliance requirements. In the middle of 2018, an amazing and serendipitous opportunity arose: Our President’s son in law had won a cannabis dispensary license in Massachusetts. The first thing he did was offer for us to join his team as a stakeholder, which was too good to pass up. The next conversation is where things really got interesting.

The Massachusetts crew realized that cybersecurity and compliance were far out of their purview. As we continued to brainstorm and research, we discovered that this problem was common among cannabusinesses. We suddenly found ourselves offering IT advice and consulting to these companies, providing value in the skills that we gained from our decades of multi-industry experience. This is where IT4cannabis was born. We see an opportunity to help this industry; we are not just an ancillary business trying to make a buck. We are invested in the future of the industry and active in the community.

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A company created to be the cannabis industry’s trusted technology resource


The mission of IT4cannabis is to provide our clients secure and compliant technology infrastructure that readies them for day one, while at the same time advising on strategic opportunities that will prepare, support, and propel them toward continued growth through technology.


IT4cannabis wants to give you an ESCAPE from the constant need to focus on security threats, updates, patches, and the latest tools. Instead, you are free to focus on the things that brought you into this business in the first place.


To make this ESCAPE a reality, IT4cannabis offers:

    • Efficiency
    • Security
    • Compliance
    • Access
    • Productivity
    • Education